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Products: Boron Nitride Powders

Mold Release, Dry Film Lubrication, Lubrication Additive Applications

Mold Release

  • Molten Metals such as Magnesium and Aluminum
  • High Temperature Polymers, Elastomers, and Rubber
  • Composites; Polymer, Metal and Ceramic Matrix

Dry Film Lubrication and Surface Protection

  • Applied to wear and process surfaces to provide lubricity and durability.
  • Applied as aerosols and water based solutions.
  • White surface that is stable and non-migrating in a plant environment.
  • BN can act as a contamination barrier when applied to working surfaces such as graphite in the processing of powder metal parts.
  • Metalforming, glass making, welding and brazing working surfaces.

Lubricant Additive

  • BN added to synthetic, mineral oil based and fluorinated fluid based greases can improve wear properties as measured in standard wear tests.
  • BN as a white particle makes greases that have a clean appearance.
  • The particles can be added to standard grease compositions without significant difficulty.
  • The coefficient of friction for BN is known to decrease as a function of increasing temperatures which can be an advantage when added to high temperature lubricants.
  • The relatively low electrical conductivity and high thermal conductivity compared to other ceramic additives have value in some applications.
Wear Test Results
BN Grade AC6004 Added to PAO-Li Complex Grease
Four-Ball Wear Test: 50 KG Load; One Hour; Room Temperature
Wear Scar, mm (average of five runs):
Control Grease: 5.5
3% BN Addition: 4.2
1.5% BN Addition: 4.7


Coefficient of Friction Comparison
(ref: Momentive Pub. No 81506)
Molybdenum disulfide 0.70
PTFE 0.58
Antimony Oxide 0.26
Graphite II 0.30
Graphite I 0.26
Boron Nitride 0.16

Improved weldpoint loads have been reported for BN additives in the literature for fluids based on fluoropolymer technology.

Boron Nitride and Titanium Diboride Composite Powder

Mold Release Products is a supplier of a composite powder of equal weights of boron nitride, BN and titanium diboride, TiB2 manufactured by Momentive Performance Materials. Both BN and TiB2 have hexagonal crystal structures and are considered high refractory materials. They are thermally conductive and TiB2 makes the mixture electrically conductive.

Applications and Uses

Both BN and TiB2 materials are resistant to aluminum and other selected alloys and are useful in refractory coatings for metals processing. This combination of ceramic materials may be useful in friction materials where the BN provides lubrication and the TiB2 are thermally conductive and potentially useful as an additive in a variety of composites for improving heat transfer, such as in thermal interface materials.

The composite composition, identified as AC6062, is available in developmental and large quantities from Mold Release Products, Inc. Contact us for additional information.

Boron Nitride Mold Release Spray Now Available Online

Boron Nitride Spray is now available for purchase online.


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